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In this present time when everything seems to be difficult due to the recent economic crunch, it has become important for every enlightened individual to become savvy with money management. The best away anyone can boast of managing his finance appropriately is to put that finance to replicate itself in a sustainable way. Putting money to work, to gather extra cash is what most people call .

Business can be in form of service delivery, consulting, production or manufacture, logistics and brokerage. Most individuals who have an employment think about how they can make more money to augment the monthly income from their employment. Hence, you hear so many employed professionals ask about feasible investments they can go into. Especially when you are already having retirement in view, you become more conscious of how to sustainably improve the income you already have.

A business is any activity that solves people’s problem, provides a value that people are willing and are able to pay for and the process must be such that can be sustainably replicated in more efficient ways. That is to say, business is usually not a one-time affair. The business promoter must be able to repeat the same process and get the same result, and as the process improves, the result is expected to improve. If the process is cycled for a couple of time, a business should be able to sustain itself with external input. Additional external input should most possibly improve the business performance.

There are three main components of a business; a business idea, people and finance. You will need the three to start and grow any business. However, it does not mean you must have everything in place to start a business. As a matter of fact, the best businesses that survive beyond the idea stage do not usually have all the three components in place at the beginning. One or two may be lacking but you must never lack an idea of how to obtain the missing component/s.

By implication, if you have a business idea and you do not have the human resources or the finance to execute it, you must be sure on how to get both. If you have a team of capable hands yet lack a business idea, or finance brainstorming through the ideation process will be the way to go. Meanwhile, some people have the financial capacity but do not have a business idea or a team. This is the most delicate part. You must carefully select a team that has integrity and tenacity if you do not want to fall victim of fraudsters or incapable hands that will waste your resources. Taking time to screen ideas to invest in also needs skills and expertise. If you are not savvy with appraising business prospects or performances, it is advisable you approach professionals who can help you in such decision making.

As you can see, having any of the three components or all is not what guarantees success in business but the ability to harness and manage each of the resources productively and optimally. In addition, strong determination as well as fiscal discipline and self-discipline are also very key to the success of any business venture.

Subsequently, we will discuss ideas that you can invest in if you have the financial or human resources.

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