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Retirement is that point when a working class individual takes a bow from active Service. I will be using the term active Service because after retirement some individuals are called for contract jobs like a consultant doctor whose service is continuously needed due to his specialization, exposure, experience knowledge and lack of qualified replacement. So also is this in every profession. 

So to the main thing, ‘the emotional and psychological fulfillment’. The ‘Point’ of emotional and psychological fulfillment is that ‘Point’ when a person feels settled and is happy with no serious worry that would cause unnecessary palpitations.

So how can a retiree attain this level knowing that one of the things that had been part of your life for a very long time, your job, is no longer part of you? 

It is recommended that you try these steps listed below and see how they are of benefit to you. 

These are :-


Yes, we know that retirement is that time off active service but it is not retirement from life. So retirement is not the end of having an active life. Idleness leads to boredom and boredom can lead to compulsive depression. Haven decided to avoid idleness, it’s time to take this next step.


There is every possibility that the active service you took a bow from might have been somehow monotonous i.e a regular/patterned daily routine without any form of adventure. Now it is time to explore yourself, explore those things you love doing or wished you had done, lighten up your spirit and stay happy. To achieve this, keep busy  by taking the next step;


Having explored yourself just like the miners would when they suspect a mineral in a particular place or just as the actor Indiana Jones when a particular treasure map had been found. Now is the time to take the action by making the move to your psychological and emotional fulfillment. Do not just explore yourself to find your other side interests but explore the interest. Ever picked an interest in music, traveling, sewing or even writing, then, take the step to unlock the opportunities. My dear retiree,   ‘MOVE, ACT now’. A move towards your interest is a major step towards emotional and psychological fulfillment. 


Run from things that would drain your energy unnecessary. Emotional and psychological stressors that would make you unhappy or rather depressed. Most times even physical stressors would transcend to emotional stress when you are over-stressed. When you explore and make the move, ensure you do not over-stress yourself.

So my dear retirees, I desire that you attain optimum emotional and psychological fulfillment. Try these steps, make the move and soar high in being fulfilled. I am about to drop my pen. 

Welcome to this new phase of retirement and most importantly, make ‘THE MOST USE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY’. 

See you on this ‘word page’ sometime later. 

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