Demographic trends reveal that ageing population is on the increase globally. People now retire and live longer thereby increasing Pension Funds obligations, funded from Governments’ (Federal, State and Local Governments) already lean purses. The consequence of this is inability of various Governments to immediately meet up with these increasing obligations.  The resultant effect is that retirees are left in the cold for the first two years (or even more) to face life in #retirement without
Intellectual fulfillment has to do with putting your brain to work effectively in such a way that you achieve self satisfaction. Have you seen how many retirees burst forth in book writing as though it had always been in them but was being limited by active service and job. These same retirees that those of us outside the box might originally have felt have brains that should no longer be 'alive&39; as it were. As
There is a first part to this topic. Try to read it up so you could flow along as we move ahead to the concluding part of this topic. And now to the next point as continued from the previous article, 3) SEARCH OUT YOUR PASSION When sowing your seed money, it is very important that you look for something you enjoy doing. That thing that does not make you feel punished or coerced when
Have you ever trailed a path you have never been on before? I am sure it would seem to you as if the road was farther than it actually is because it is unfamiliar and a new road to you. So is this journey of uncertainty for the retirees. It is a new road you have never traveled on before, those end of the month salary alerts you received in your account are gone, the
Retirement is that point when a working class individual takes a bow from active Service. I will be using the term active Service because after retirement some individuals are called for contract jobs like a consultant doctor whose service is continuously needed due to his specialization, exposure, experience knowledge and lack of qualified replacement. So also is this in every profession.  So to the main thing, ‘the emotional and psychological fulfillment’. The ‘Point’ of emotional

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