Effects Of Retirement On Retirees

Posted by admin on  January 23, 2018
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According to Ekoja, Christ and Tor-Anyin (2005), human behaviour is determined by each given situation. The situational behaviour usually determines the individual’s social interaction due to the psychological mechanisms or the thinking about the event. The aggregate of the psychological effect on ones social life constitutes what is psychosocial effect of a given event. Leaving a job where one has already accustomed himself to the people and work routine can alter one’s behaviour direction in


Posted by admin on  January 23, 2018
Category: blog, post retirement
Retirement in Nigeria has become a permanent nightmare courtesy of our inept and kleptomania like ran governments at all tiers. It beats my imagination that politicians most times aided by top civil servants (example ministry of health official in trying to rope in Professor Grange and her minister of state) would steal billions of our money year to year and yet nothing tangible comes out of it. Instead mockery of the rule of law takes


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This is an interactive platform where you can share your experiences as you move from one point/level to another, learn from experiences of others, seek for advise when about to move from one point/level to another. This Platform was created to specifically address two life challenges that I witness around me everyday which I feel we need to talk about and learn from one another’s experiences. 1. PROPERTIES I see a lot of families and even siblings

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